Monday, July 27, 2015

It's been a busy 2015, starting off the year with the UND quilt, then a memory quilt and tree skirt. This was the first memory tree skirt that I had sewn, and if I were looking for something unique, memorable and a keepsake item, this would be it! After those projects, I recovered an entire patio set for a spring refresh. Looks fabulous! Then late spring came which brought prom season...garters and prom dress alterations. With a little break, I entered into a very quick two week project for 12 docorative pillows, ranging from 22" rectangle up to 26" square. They all turned out fabulous and finished the project in under the two week timeframe. If you are interested in any sewing or quilting projects, look at my photos as reference. I do high quality work, in a reasonble timeframe and for a reasonable cost. 952-232-7696 Teresa

Sunday, November 16, 2014

2014 Has come but it's not gone yet

Busy year has gone by very quickly, but it's not over. There is still time to create and design a sewing project you would like done. The holidays, spring projects or even that graduate. There could be all those saved up t-shirts or jerseys that you've been saving up for that one day. Now is the time to get your projects done and I'm the one that can help you with those tasks. Give me a call or email me to get started. I'm open to working with you on that special project.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Evenings

The evenings are getting longer and darker, which makes it much easier to spend time inside sewing. Just ocmpleted two quilted, king size, custom pillow shams. They turned out very beautifully. Next, I will turn my attention to another t-shirt quilt for a Senior in high school. That should be a fun quilt to assemble. If you are considering having a quilt or another project completed, contact me for a price and let's get started!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fireman T-shirt Quilt

The fireman t-shirt quilt is all done and looks fantastic! Save your t-shirts or old clothes to make a keepsake item such as this. This is between a queen and king size, blocks are approx 20"x20" before the strapping and border were added. If you are thinking about having a quilt made, plan ahead as it could take up to 3-4 months from beginning to end to complete the project. I look forward to sewing for you!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Work in Progress

Well they say that good things come in time...that would be true for sewing projects as well. Waiting to finish up a fireman's t-shirt quilt, currently working on another t-shirt quilt (Dave Matthews Band) and getting ready to do a quilt repair. So, keeping a few projects going and hoping to find a few more coming into the fall and winter. It's never to late to start thinking about graduation gifts...dig out all those old, not to be worn again t-shirts and prepare to dazzle your graduate with a keep sake quilt they can take with them when they move out of the house. It does take several months to complete a quilting project, so give me a call if you have something in mind. You could be the next "work in progress".

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cheetah is in the Room

After completing projects for clients I was able to get going on a new bedroom set for my daughter.  With her room recently painted, she selected some browns, tans and a Cheetah print for her new duvet, bed skirt and pillow case.  This is a great new way to freshen up her room and to coordinate all the colors.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring has finally sprung

The last couple of months have been very productive and it is nice to finally be in Spring.  The PJ quilt project for a client has just been finished and delivered.  It turned out so nice, better than expected!  It will surely make three little kids happy to see their PJ sewn so nicely into a quilt.

I also had the chance to create a new duvet for my daughter to compliment her new room colors.  The bedskirt will be next along with some pillows and pillow cases to round out the new decorating theme.

And finally, I spent time finishing a custom pillow project for another client to refresh the rooms in her house.  That was a fun project since it incorporated about 6 different types of materials, which were fun to sew.

I'm always looking for new projects and am willng to price them out for you.  Call me directly to discuss your poject details.  612-432-6474